Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clutter Busting It

I am officially part of the Clutter Busting Challenge with Money Saving Mom. Every week day in May, I vow to get rid of at least 7 items from my house. They can be small or large. It's all up to me. Today's items came from my bathroom. Today I am getting rid of 11 different items. Technically, there are more than 11. There are 2 zippered make-up bags you would use in your purse, a ziploc baggie of barrettes, a couple of different bottles of lotion,Triple Nutrition Oil, 2 facial cleaners, hotel sized bottle of shampoo, nail polish, and some condoms. *LOL* Don't need them anymore ;) Mary is getting rid of a soccer ball bank, keychain light, toy gun, some strange Happy Meal type toy, a deck of cards, Spongebob watch, and a toy from a bubble gum machine. Looking forward to tomorrow. I think I will clutter bust the kitchen.

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