Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Clutter is Gone

Days 7-10, I think: So, there was the funeral visitation and funeral for my aunt at the end of last week. Then, I went out of town for the weekend for a Goodbye to Cancer Luau. It was for my good friend, Gina's husband. I had a great time. With that being said, I am a bit confused as to what day I am actually on. I am putting at least 4 days worth of stuff onto today's list. My sweet, wonderful hubby helped me a ton with getting rid of clutter today. Hubby's rock! 5-3x5 American flags 5-stuffed animals 2-ziploc bags of alphabet fridge magnets (not pictured) 1-Happy meal toy- Lisa Simpson 1-Really large tote slam full of old Army uniforms (BDU's), caps, t-shirts, thermal underwear, and coats. Were you able to let go of anything today that has no use in your home?

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